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If fat loss is, your main goal, of course, must first be modify your diet. If you use more calories than you eat each day will not lose fat in general. However, the training will have to adjust.

Below are a few simple tips that will accelerate the burning of fat stores you:

•    Do your cardio early morning or after training (or both). At this time tipping his, your glycogen reserves (the sugars in your muscles) are used. Your body has to switch to another energy source: Fats! In a normal cardio session, your fat stores mobilized only after about 20 minutes. 20 minutes at this time tipping enough, you will burn at around 300% fatter.Articles For Venus Factor Review

•    Take 45 minutes before training a fat burner. It helps the body fat stores as an energy source to address, burns more calories per workout and give you a big boost of power that has never been away during a cardio workout.

•    Decrease the rest periods between sets in your training. This keeps the heart rate and thereby burning high, well you probably will give it a new growth momentum. Your body that is not used to, and responds with new muscle growth.


•    Increase the number of repetitions of a set. So if you normally did 6 to10 reps, then add 12 to 15 now.

•    Add a circuit training to your workout sessions. Circuit training has the advantages of the two previous opinions. Because you different exercises without rest alternating with each other, keeps your heart rate high. You will be so much more than burn calories during an hour on the exercise bike. Also, give your muscles an extra boost.

•    Eat for your afternoon / evening workout for two hours nothing and drink only water. This allows the release of growth hormone during exercise will be much higher. More than fat reserves are address.Click here and Get Other Info

•    Eat until half an hour after your workouts nothing in this half hour your fat burning is still in full swing. By using these tips into your training, you will get significantly better results from your workouts!

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